Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Candied Spring Violets

Oooh La La! Very French!

This post is for my late Mother.  
Every spring I'd say we needed to try making candied violets and the years went by.  I just lost her before Christmas.  So when I saw the blue dots out in the yard I knew it was finally time. 

I didn't wash these flowers because they were from my backyard and we haven't used any chemicals on them.  

Regular white sugar in the food processor will become fine.  It takes a bit longer than you would expect.  A few minutes, not just a few pulses.  Or you can purchase caster sugar.  

You do need thinner simple syrup to glaze the petals - 3 parts water to 1 part sugar
For example: 1/2 C sugar to 1-1/2 C water.  
Over medium heat  warm the water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  No need to boil.  

Cool completely before brushing onto flowers!

It wasn't until I added a spoonful of meringue powder to a small bowl of simple syrup that the glaze would stick.  Without it my glaze would run right off!  No wonder the old recipes call for egg whites.

It worked best to brush the glaze onto the flower over a cotton cloth.  When I tried dipping the flowers there was way too much glaze.  

The stems were clipped off as the flowers were put onto a rack.  I let them sit 2-3 days because I wasn't sure how long the petals would take to dry.

Can't wait to try other edible flowers this summer!

I would have liked to try this in a dehydrator but I don't have one.